Storytelling in Business


Reviewed by Vivian Cisneros


This website was created as a companion to a "Storytelling in Business Symposium" held in March 2001, and provides links to organizations, other websites, articles and books which deal with storytelling, and specifically how it can be related to the business world. Most, though not all, of the links to other websites still worked, although some required searching for the information as the website linked to had been restructured. The resources listed are grouped into five broad categories: Gateways to Storytelling in Organizations; Conceptual Background; Descriptions and Discussions; Application; Tools; and Narratives/Literature. The websites referred to come with short annotations explaining their content. The books do not have annotations, but most have titles that will give an idea of their content.


Group Jazz, which put up this website in conjunction with a Symposium they were offering in 2001, is working on, running, or participating in projects run through PBS, the Fannie Mae Foundation, the City University of New York, and the Open World Program at the Library of Congress. Group Jazz is a consulting firm whose main objective is to harness the power of groups to increase productivity in the workplace.

IRC Associates, the co-sponsor of the Symposium, specializes in collaboration and team-work training.


This website was created in 2001 and has not been updated since. Print material references, therefore, only include what had been published before this date. The websites linked to appear to be current, and even if not current, they do provide useful information on this topic.


This website is simple in design, easy to navigate, and easy to read. It is not cluttered with fancy graphics, so it will load quickly.