Terry Chan's Urban Folklore Page


Reviewed by Deanna Causey

Review of Terry Chan's "Urban Folklore" website.

Authority: I could not find any credentials or qualifications for the author of the website, Terry Chan. This is the personal homepage of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) maintainer for the news group alt.folklore.urban.

Accuracy: The information provided seemed accurate and the links seemed to link to accurate folkloric sites, in particular the www.urbanlegends.com site seemed to be good.

Currency/Content/Coverage: There is a brief description of what urban folklore is and then the rest of the page provides links to other sources. Some of the links did not work, which leads to the question of when the site was last updated, which is not known.

Objectivity: The site seemed to just want to inform and entertain by linking to other sites. There are no advertisements until you click on the .com links.

Access: Access to the site is free. It seems that there is a listserve or news group you can join.

Design/Appearance: The webpage is plain. The site is sort of confusing. One of the links seems to go somewhere else, and a few do not work. After clicking around, I found the AFU main page, which is the news group's main page.