The Urban Legend Magazine


Reviewed by Eric Terry

I. Accuracy

It is hard to pinpoint the accuracy of this website because the information that is provided is unreliable-that is to say that there is not a way to verify the sources of this information. The information on this website is shady at best because of the mission statement listed on the website, “Our mission, which we have accepted, is to: spread existing urban legends; rumors, and quotes, create our own urban legends in the form of news satires, columns, and photo headlines; accept no responsibility for our actions.” It does appear that proper grammar and spelling are used, but this site doesn’t document sources used.

II. Authority

The writer, designer, and Webmaster is Duncan O’Neill and the columnist is Carl Wyatt. There aren’t any qualifications given for either person on this website.

III. Objectivity

The main purpose of this website is to perpetuate urban legends and/or rumors. This website is limited bias and there is advertising on the main (home) page. This website appears to have an agenda to not only perpetuate urban legends, but also collect urban legends.

IV. Currency

The currency of this website is actually very good. It appears that this website is updated on a regular basis with the last update on October 10, 2003.

V. Coverage

This website’s scope is first and foremost geared toward “urban legends”. This website also has an access point for these topics: quotes and bios; rumors; pic captions; movie reviews; news satire; other features; about us.

VI. Design Appearance

The design/appearance of this website is average. The access points are easily accessible/navigate and the information is somewhat logically arranged. The main thing about the appearance that I disliked was the “city” background- it is very distracting.

Summary: This “urban legends” that this website offers will always have an Audience because they will be interested in reading about, submitting their
own, and retelling these “urban legends”.