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General Storytelling

Storytelling Organizations/Discussion Lists

Warm-up Exercises

Breathing Techniques and Tutorials

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Creative Dramatics

Personal Narratives

Tale Type, Motif Indexes, and Folklore Research

Fable Resources

Proverb Resources

Oral Tradition

Ethics Resources

Storytelling-Related Codes of Ethics


Grants and Funding

Working with Audiences

Storytelling in Schools and Curricula

Programming Resources

Special Populations

Props and Storytelling

Folk and Fairy Tales

Storytelling through Music

Poetry Resources

Beauty and the Beast and Bluebeard Sources

Storytelling in the Movies

Environmental / Ecology Story Resources

Family Stories

Holiday Stories

Oral History

Peace and War Story Resources

University Oral History Projects


Worklore & Business Leadership Storytelling

Multicultural Stories


Digital Storytelling / Globalization


Storytelling and International Festivals

Terms and Definitions

Storytelling Resources

Storytelling Quotes