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April Heath

Laughlin, NV


I grew up in lush, green Ohio and moved to arid, subtle Nevada about a year after my daughter was born. My husband bought me a camera right after we got married and coaxed me into taking classes at the local community college. I liked school so much that I continue to take classes to this day. I am currently an Apprentice Librarian at the Laughlin Library by day and graduate student by night. I am a member of the American Library Association, the Nevada Library Association, and many environmental organizations.


M.S. Library and Information Science (in progress)
Storytelling Certificate and Youth Services Certificate
University of North Texas, Denton

B.S. Biology with minor in Photography
University of Nevada, Reno


I have always been one of those people who are in the spotlight -- though I don’#8217;t think it was ever really my choice. As soon as I could walk, my parents enrolled me in dance, gymnastics, ice skating, and piano lessons. I entered my elementary schools talent show each year and emceed the event before moving on to Junior High and High School where "college prep" was barraged at me daily. Unfortunately, all of my right brain activities took a back seat to "more important things" until I discovered photography many years later. Right and left brain skills became essential when I began working at the library. My interest in storytelling blossomed while working with the children of my community. Now I enjoy putting on programs and storytimes for kids of all ages. My favorite stories to tell are those with musical components, environmental messages, unabashed emotions, lovable animals, inner beauty, and universal humor.


I am a librarian and story collector by choice and, I probably dont have to say it but, I love my job! My personal book collection includes many fantastically engineered pop-up books, as well as numerous childrens picture books, art books, and tear-jerking epic novels. I enjoy being artistic in my free time by taking photographs, painting, and writing. I have a secret desire to write and illustrate picture books some day (shh, dont tell!). For inspiration, I go hiking, watch wildlife, and read. For comfort, I pet my cats, dig around in my garden, and read. For fun, I play board games with my family, go swimming with my family, and read with my family. A few of my other favorite things in life are warm quilts, dark chocolate, snowflakes, polar bears, butterflies, orchids, bonsais, and fiery-red sunsets -- oh, I could tell you a story about each and every one of these things if we only had the time!