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Heather Shaw

Denton, TX


I am a Texan, born and raised. I have lived in north and northeast Texas all of my life (although I have visited more than half of the continental 48 states on various trips). Currently, I live in Denton, with my sister, and work at the UNT libraries and at a JC Penney’s. I have been a graduate student since fall of 2007, and currently working on my Masters of Library Science.


Candidate, M.S. Library Science
Candidate, Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
Candidate, Graduate Academic Certificate of Youth Services
University of North Texas, Denton, TX
College of Information, Library Science, and Technologies

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies
Texas A&M University – Commerce, Commerce, TX
College of Elementary Education


I have an interest in children and children’s literature, so I tend to naturally tell stories that would interest children. I took my first storytelling class during the fall of 2008, and enjoyed it, so I am pursuing the certificate in storytelling that is offered at UNT. It was during that class that my eyes were opened to how many stories are told throughout daily living. Before taking classes, I thought storytelling was pretty much a dead art form, or was basically reading from a book out loud to children, but I found out that it is so much more than that. My view of storytelling is much more dynamic now than what I thought it was, for hardly a day goes by that some story is not told, whether it is at the water cooler at work, to a child at night, or reminiscing with old friends and loved ones.


I love to read children’s literature and fantasy, watch movies, play games, and watch T.V. I have a collection of books that number in the lower hundreds, and a few hundred or so movies. I love cats and have one of my own (my sister has one too). The picture above is from Christmas a few years ago at a step-aunt’s house, and that was their new puppy. Sometimes I do crafts on a knitting loom. I have made a toboggan, a few scarves, and eventually I would like to make afghans (if I have the patience for it on a particular day).