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Jamie Williams

Katy, TX


I was born and raised in Katy, Texas, with the exceptions of a brief stint in Pennsylvania when I was still in elementary school and another excursion to Santa Fe, New Mexico for my undergraduate studies. Currently, I work for the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council as a Program Manager, overseeing the Performing and Visual Arts programs primarily and helping with Council-wide events. Growing up, I played the violin and the string bass, and was involved with theater productions, both the technical side and playing in the pit orchestra. Currently, I spend my free time writing stories and helping with my younger brother's film projects.


Candidate, M.S. Library Science
Candidate, Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling
Candidate, Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
College of Information, Library Science and Technologies

B.A. Creative Writing
College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Department of Creative Writing and Literature
Cum Laude


Initially, I was not drawn to oral storytelling, but rather to writing stories. From a very young age, I wrote and illustrated my own stories, often featuring characters or celebrities that I admired. Early efforts included a piece entitled "Kings and Queens" (which was a theoretical musing about the life of royalty), an illustrated ABCs book, and an ill-fated murder mystery that featured a bizarre ensemble cast drawn from the likes of Scooby-Doo, Power Rangers and X-Men. In high school, I began writing more purposefully and began to explore the idea of studying creative writing in college.

The decision to major in creative writing led me to the College of Santa Fe and my fiction professor, Mark Behr. Throughout four years and various fiction workshops, Mark became a great mentor and huge influence on my writing, improving my original work and pushing me to excel in whatever I chose to write. A major component of the program was a final reading, in which graduating seniors would read some of their writing at a performance open to the public. I managed to remain upright through the performance and read rather well. I have always loved reading stories aloud, and the experience made me think about exploring performing the piece, rather than simply reading.

Graduate school finds me actively studying and building my storytelling skills. I enjoy telling fairytales, especially "fractured fairytales."


I am an avid reader, and movies are nearly as great a love as books. Weekends find me in the local discount book store, adding to the already overflowing bookshelves of mine. I also spend lots of time at the local movie theater and will go see almost any movie once, although comedy, action and horror are my favorite genres.