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Lacy Cain

Denton TX


I am currently a graduate student at the University of North Texas and work at UNT Libraries. I moved to Denton to go to school and after receiving my degree I plan on moving back to my home town San Marcos to be close to my family. I enjoy reading books, manga, and watching anime. I enjoy telling people about these stories and encouraging them to also watch the original so they too can enjoy it.


Bachelor of Arts History
Bachelor of Science Library Science
University of North Texas


Ever since I was young I have made up and retold stories to help myself go to sleep at night. It was not until I was older that I began sharing these stories, my own and others I had read. This prompted me to enroll in children's literature and storytelling courses in college. Currently I am working on certification in storytelling from the University of North Texas. I have taken adult and children's literature courses which have broadened my storytelling scope. I enjoy telling fantasy stories with strong female characters and family stories.


I love going on long walks and car trips. I think these are great ways to get the creative juices flowing. When ever I get stuck, stressed out, or just need a break I go on a walk and at once I am at peace and can resume any task I need to complete. It is often on these long walks and car trips that I develop and think thru the stories I am working on.

I have developed a love for Japanese anime, manga, dramas, and music while living in the dorms. This has lead me to take classes on comics and graphic novels and base several papers on them. In the future I hope to work at a public library and be involved in an anime/manga program and help develop the libraries collection. Comics and graphic novels deserve a prominent place in our libraries and can help to promote literacy and learning by using an entertaining format.