Biography 0f the Performer

Pamela Reed


I share my life with my husband Roy Reed Jr. and our three energetic dogs Alley, Calamity, and Dakota. I love animals. I spend most of my free time with my family including my mother, brother, sister, and their families. My interests are reading, watching movies, and writing. I enjoy reading children and teen books. My movie chooses are science fiction, family, and anime. Every once in a while I write poetry. I work full time as the book manager at the Hastings in Pampa.


M.S. Candidate School of Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services in Libraries
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling                                           
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

Bachelors of General Studies Degree
West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas
Coursework included: Educational class for teaching grades Early Childhood through 4th grade   

Associates of Science Degree
Clarendon College, Clarendon, Texas
Coursework included: Basic classes such as English, Math, Science, History, and Reading


Storytelling is a new thing for me and I look forward to growing in skill. I have always loved watching movies and plays. When I was in middle school I played with writing a few short plays myself. I have great respect for the talent it takes to be an actor or Broadway star. There are many forms of storytelling and they all have wonderful rewards for the performer and their audiences. In high school my storytelling emerged through my communication with friends, poems I wrote, and songs I sung in Choir. The poems I write are more on the melancholy side, with references from my life situations. The stories I really like to tell to people are children stories. I like fairy tales, animal tales, and fantasy stories. I like the stories to end happy or have a lesson to learn that will make my audience think.   


I think everyone can be or do anything they want to do; it just might take a little work and room to grow. I am dyslexic and have worked very hard to be where I am today. Having a disability is not a reason for not reaching for what you want. As I mentioned above I write poetry, so here are some of my published works:

 1. Poem "The Wonderer" publish in The Colors of Life, The International Library of Poetry and Colours of the Heart

 2. Poem "16 Candles" published in The International Who's Who in Poetry.

3. Poem "The Dream Rooms" published in Eternal Portraits.