Biography 0f the Performer

Kayebeth Zulogoa

El Paso, TX


I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas.  My father was in the US Army and my mother was a homemaker.  I have two older brothers and was a late life surprise for my parents.  I have been married to my husband Jeff for fourteen years.  We have one child, a precious son.  His name is Jake and he is four years old.  I taught elementary school for fifteen years, most of them in kindergarten.  I am currently working as an elementary school librarian in my third year.  I should have already graduated from UNT but think I am addicted to going to school.  I plan to graduate in August with my MLS, my school librarian certification, and the youth librarian and storytelling GACs.  When I am not online doing school work, I like to play computer games (only to keep my mind sharp) like Tiny Worlds, Sheep's Quest, and Tumblebugs2.


M.S. Candidate School of Library and Information Science
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services in Libraries
Candidate Graduate Academic Certificate in Storytelling                       
University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

B.S. Education
University of Texas El Paso
Teaching Certification Early Childhood Education
Teaching Certification Elementary Education


I am a Tall Talkin Texan.  I love to talk to people, strangers even and tell funny stories.  I love listening to stories told by others as well.  Currently I love to tell stories to students.  They love hearing about my childhood stories and like sharing theirs.  There is nothing like a good oral story sharing session.  Even shy students feel safe to share.  I enjoy it very much.

I am currently taking my second storytelling course at UNT.  I enjoyed the first course, but this second one is even better.  I LOVE getting feedback on my stories and giving feedback and coaching to others on the stories they share.

I have always enjoyed entertaining for others and am excited about our upcoming concert.  I love the way it is unfolding and taking shape and cannot wait to hear the stories of everyone in the class.


I love arts and crafts.  I like doing the actual crafts, but absolutely love collecting all the stuff.  I am interested in scrapbooking, (own just about every gadget) stamping, (own so many stamps, inks, marker, rollers, etc. I am running out of room for it all) and cake decorating.  My latest craze is decorating using fondant.  It is so classy looking and really impresses people.  I actually think it is even easier than traditional cake decorating.

I am a secret singer.  I would love to take singing lessons.  My goal is to sing just one song really well.  My song of choice has changed over the years.  Here are some of the front runners.  Don't Cry for me Argentina, (Evita) Green the Whole Year Round, (Celtic Woman) and the Christmas carol The Holly and the Ivy.