~ Welcome ~ Bienvenidas ~ Bienvenue ~ Willkommen ~ 歡迎~ ευπροσδεκτη ~
Welkom ~ Benvenuto ~ようこそ~ приветствовать ~ Bem-vindo ~

Welcome to our Celebration of Women!

Hereby, you are cordially invited to find yourself a comfortable pair of virtual shoes and prepare yourself for an enjoyable stroll through the assortment of stories we have gathered here for you, all dedicated to women, and the many ways in which women shine.

 Your hosts for this concert are a lovely group of graduate students who decided that if they were to put on a storytelling concert, they would want to tell stories that pay tribute to women in all their myriad roles.

This walk through our stories will, at times, pull at your heart strings, and at other points, have you roaring with laughter. The strength of a woman exhibits itself in a number of situations and this is reflected in stories about perseverance and dedication, cleverness and sincerity, motherhood and menopause. Our characters range in diversity from young, mischievous girls to war heroines to mythical figures.

Orientation to the Concert Website

This online storytelling concert is produced and performed by:
Semester 2008
~ Advanced Storytelling Class
University of North Texas
~ School of Library and Information Sciences

Orientation to the Concert Website

True to the character of women, who do not hesitate to ask directions, here are some directions to help you find your way through this site. Along the way, if you are ever lost, the links at the top and bottom of the page will get you quickly to your destination.

 On the Concert page, for each storyteller, you will find a biography, a brief summary of the story, and a link to the storytelling performance video, arranged as you see below. Read these by clicking on your choice.





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Enjoy the stories and related material in any order you choose.

Extras includes some related links and information, so enjoy browsing there to see the collection the class has gathered for you. 


When you are ready to leave the concert, please visit the Farewell page.

Your appreciations and opinions as an audience member are valuable to us,
so be sure to complete the Evaluation available on the Farewell page.

Concert Planning Committees

Executive Committee

Alicia Driver, Schedule/Program Committee
Christina Lister, Schedule/Program Committee
Joni Andersen, Promotion Committee
Jennifer Bobo Kiatta, Promotion Committee
Melody McCotter, Emcee Committee
Debra Todd, Emcee Committee
Heggeness, Website & Evaluation Committee
Jennifer Steib Simmons, Website & Evaluation Committee

  Emcee Committee Members

  • Co-Chair, Melody McCotter

  • Co-Chair, Debra Todd

  • Kimberly Darata

  • Amanda Smith

 Schedule Committee Members

  • Co-Chair, Alicia Driver

  • Co-Chair, Christina Lister

  • Pamela Reed

  • Valerie Shelley

  • Trina Smith

 Promotion Committee Members

  • Co-Chair, Joni Andersen

  • Co-Chair, Jennifer Bobo Kiatta

  • Djuina Lemons Hammett

  • Adrea Ricke

  • Kayebeth Zuloaga

 Website Committee Members

  • Co-Chair, Beth Heggeness

  • Co-Chair, Jennifer Steib Simmons

  • Anna Francesca Garcia

  • Lourdes Stranahan|