Resources for a Resource Description and Access (RDA) and a transitioning cataloging environment

Last updated August 15, 2016

This page started as a quick resource page for myself and anyone who wanted to stay informed of the development of Resource Description and Access (RDA) as it moved toward publication. Since then it has morphed to include a broader array of resources revolving around RDA and the transitioning environment of cataloging, metadata, including the increasing interest in linked data and the like. LC implemented RDA in March 2013 and also announced plans to investigate transitioning MARC21 resulting in the development of BIBFRAME. This page is not intended to be a complete list of resources, and it is subject to change. Corrections and suggestions for additions are welcome.

In 2013 I had the pleasure of editing a special issue of Journal of Library Metadata entitled the "Functional Future of Bibliographic Control : transitioning into new communities of practice and awareness" (volume 12, issue 2-3, September 2012). Those interested can read my Introduction to the issue here. This issue was also published as a book by Routledge, 2014. ISBN 978-0-415-71602-4. (Please note, the book title is slightly different: "Functional Future for Bibliographic Control").





RDA Testing  


IFLA Functional Requirements

  • FRBR Library Reference Model NEW
  • Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), PDF in English of the 1997 report, as amended and corrected through February 2009
  • Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD)--available as a pdf in English, 2008/2009 report, as amended and corrected through July 2013
  • Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data (FRSAD), June 2010, available as PDF in English
  • FRBR Bibliography--available from IFLA
  • What is FRBR?--Tillett, B.
  • FRBR: Things you should know, but were afraid to ask --Tillett, B., Library of Congress
  • MARC and FRBR--Library of Congress
  • OCLC research on FRBR--list of projects and publications
  • Linked Data NEW



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