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   Z39.50 : Projects, Presentations, and Resources
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Many of Moen's activities involve the international standard protocol for information retrieval, Information Retrieval (Z39.50): Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification (ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1995). To view current and recent research projects involving the use of Z39.50, see the Research Projects page.


Resource Discovery Using Z39.50: Promise and Reality. (November 2000).   An invited paper for the Library of Congress' Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the new Millennium: Confronting the Challenges of Networked Resources and the Web, to be held November 2000. 

The ANSI/NISO Z39.50 protocol for information retrieval addresses the complex challenges of intersystem communication. Original uses envisioned for the protocol look very little like current implementations and uses. In the 1980s, users on one library catalog system would search and retrieve bibliographic records on a remote system. By the late 1990s, there was a need for discovery networked resources and integrating access to them. Yet, the Z39.50 protocol has been addressed both these scenarios. This paper provides a portrayal of Z39.50 that explains its flexibility in response to a variety of information retrieval requirements in the networked environment. 


An Overview of Z39.50, Supplemented by a Case Study of Implementing the Zebra Server Under the Linux Operating System (AKA GIZMO) Prepared by: June Abbas, Monika Antonelli, Mark Gilman, Pamiela Hight, Valli Hoski, Jodi Kearns, Teresa Lepchenske, Martha Peet, Mike Pullin, and Amy Stults. 

This document reflects the hands-on experiences of a small group of graduate students and is the outgrowth of a seminar led by Dr. William Moen at the School of Library and Information Science at the University of North Texas during the autumn of 1999.




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