An Overview of Z39.50, Supplemented by a Case Study of Implementing the Zebra Server Under the Linux Operating System

Prepared by: June Abbas, Monika Antonelli, Mark Gilman, Pamiela Hight, Valli Hoski, Jodi Kearns, Teresa Lepchenske, Martha Peet, Mike Pullin, and Amy Stults for SLIS 5082, a seminar taught by Dr. William E. Moen. (Sept.-Dec. 1999.) School of Library & Information Science, The University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.


Section 1:  Introduction

Section 2:  What is Z39.50?

Section 3:  The Zebra Server and Z39.50: An Installation and Configuration Experience.

Section 4:  Testing and Refining the Implementation.  

Appendix A: Profiles

Appendix B: Clients & Servers

Appendix C: Additional Information Resources.

Appendix D: Glossary

Appendix E: Conceptual Map of Components

Appendix F: Selecting the Best Fit