Recommendations for Indexing MARC 21 Records
to support
Z Texas and Bath Profile Bibliographic Searches
(Functional Area A, Levels 0 & 1)

(REVISED September 10, 2000)

To improve interoperability in cross-catalogue searching, two configuration levels must be addressed.  First, the Z-client and Z-server must support the expression and execution of searches using Bib-1 Attributes defined in the Profiles.  Second, local information retrieval systems must provide search access to data in the MARC 21.  

The following documents identify specific MARC 21 fields and subfields that can be considered candidate parts of a MARC 21 record that should be indexed to support the Author, Title, Subject, Date, and Standard Identifier searches defined in the Profiles.  The purpose of these documents is to generate discussion on the desirability of common indexing policies across library catalogs to support cross-catalog searching defined and specified in the Profiles.  The hope is that through conversation during Fall 2000, we can (as a community) arrive at an acceptable set of fields and subfields to support the basic searches in Functional Area A, Levels 0 and 1, in the Bath and the Z Texas Profiles.  This document will become a non-normative appendix in the Z Texas Profile, Release 2.0 (Fall 2000).

A version of this document was first circulated to members of the Texas Z39.50 Implementors Group (TZIG) in July 2000, and based on comments and discussion with TZIG members and others, we have revised the documents.  The links to the individual documents point to the drafts dated September 10, 2000.

Each of the following documents identify the fields and subfields for five categories of searches:

Author Searches

Title Searches

Subject Searches

Date Searches

Standard Identifier Searches

Obviously, some of the specific searches (e.g., a name heading sort of search) will require indexing only a subset of the fields and subfields identified.  The challenge is to develop consensus on a core set of fields and subfields needed to support the searches in the Profiles. 


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Revised 09/10/2000
Original Draft 07/10/2000