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SLIS 5200Introduction to Information Organization.

4 hours. 
Principles, concepts, and practices of information organization and presentation. Concepts and problems of human information behavior, classification, and categorization related to information organization. Database technology, structure, and design.  Standards for information organization, data representation, and information exchange.  Systems for organizing information and facilitating information access in various information use environments. 

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SLIS 5223: Metadata and Networked Information Organization and Retrieval (Offered each Spring Semester)

3 hours. 
This course investigates the description and retrieval of networked information resources (NIR) using various forms of metadata.  Students will examine, analyze, and evaluate key metadata schemes (e.g., Dublin Core) and their use in actual projectsfor representing and organizing NIR. Course activities include the identification, use, and evaluation of metadata creation tools.  Students will also build and manage metadata and metadata repositories. Students will investigate the the potential for integrating access to multiple metadata repositories.

This course is appropriate for senior masters students and Ph.D. students. Interest in, and comfort level with, computer applications highly desirable. Students must be able to work independently and in project teams. 

This course requires attendance at a three-day onsite meeting in Denton in the first  half of the semester.

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SLIS 5082: Seminar on Research and Research Methods
Seminar Focus: Z39.50 Implementation and Evaluation Methodologies  (Taught: Fall 1999)

3 hours. 
The broad goal of this course is to engage students in technology planning and implementation through a case study and case application of a particular technology (i.e., Z39.50). This course introduces and explores methods for implementing and evaluating the use of Z39.50 server and client software for distributed information retrieval. The course has a technical focus and students will setup and deploy one or more Z39.50 servers on one or more platforms (e.g., NT, Linux, UNIX). Students will also develop methodologies for assessment, evaluation, and interoperability testing and performance metrics for Z39.50. This course has limited enrollment, and all potential students must be approved for enrollment by the instructor prior to registration.

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