SLIS 5200 Introduction to Information Organization
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SLIS 5200 is an exciting and challenging course that offers a hands-on
introduction to the fundamental concepts of organizing information for retrieval.

This document provides information and
answers to questions you may have about the course prior to the first class meeting.




William E. Moen (Course Manager & Instructor): and others. In addition, a team of teaching assistants and adjunct faculty assist the instructors in the course.

Catalog description

Principles, concepts, and practices of information organization and presentation. Concepts and problems of human information behavior, classification, and categorization related to information organization. Database technology, structure, and design. Standards for information organization, data representation, and information exchange. Systems for organizing information and facilitating access in various information use environments. 

Course goals and objectives

The goals of the course are to: 

Upon completing this course, students should be able to evaluate and apply their understanding of: 

Course requirements

Readings and assignments

There is a required textbook for the course. Additional readings from the professional and scholarly literature are also required. These additional readings will be identified at the first class meeting.

The textbook is: Taylor, Arlene G. 2004. The organization of information. Second Edition. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited. ISBN: 1-56308-969-6 (paperback). When ordering the textbook by phone or online, allow at least one week for delivery. It should be available at:

The major graded assignments are:

Effort expected

This is a four-credit-hour course. You should expect to work 3 to 4 hours per week for each credit hour. During the online portion of the course, this means you will spend about 12 to 16 hours a week on readings, assignments, discussions, and other activities. This estimate is for the fall and spring semesters; during the compressed summer course, more weekly hours will be necessary.


Students are expected to meet the minimum technology expectations to complete this course according to the SLIS Technology Requirements: 

Internet access and WebCT

Reliable Internet access is required. WebCT is the course management software used at UNT, and WebCT recommends that you use either of the following browsers (note that some versions of each browser are not supported):

You can check how well your browser works with WebCT by going to the following page: <>. 

Hardware and software

It may be necessary to upgrade your computer system. SLIS details Technology Recommendations for all of its courses. In addition to computer hardware, you will need Microsoft Office, the standard productivity software suite for SLIS and this course.

There are additional technology requirements for SLIS 5200/4200: 

If the file does not open, the UNT Computing helpdesk will assist with installation.

Technology competencies

SLIS 5200/4200 requires basic competency in word processing, email, and database management programs. If you lack skills in these areas, expect to devote extra time to learning them. See the SLIS policy on entry-level information technology knowledge and skills.

About the Web Institute

SLIS 5200/4200 in the Web Institute format is a distributed learning course with: 1) an intensive four-day onsite component, and 2) the remaining work completed online via the Web. For more information, go to the SLIS Web Institutes page and the Summer 2005 SLIS/Web Institute page.

Onsite activities

All students are required to attend and complete all four days of the onsite classes. The onsite portion of the SLIS 5200/4200 Web Institute occurs during two four-day periods in Denton, TX. The onsite classes will meet from 8am to 5pm each day. You may have evening assignments on one or more of the onsite days. During the onsite meetings, you will get to know your classmates and instructors as you are oriented to the course and introduced to major concepts of information organization.

Online activities

The online portion of the starts after the onsite component is completed and runs through the end of the semester. Access to course materials and interaction with faculty and students will be through WebCT. Through the WebCT SLIS 5200/4200 site, you will read modules about course topics, submit assignments, and engage in discussions with classmates and instructors. NOTE: Access to the WebCT 5200/4200 site may not be available until the first day of the Web Institute.

Logging into WebCT 

At the onsite meeting, you will be assigned to a WebCT site. You will be able to log into the site on the first day of the Web Institute.  


Before coming to campus

Bring to first class

Please also see our Onsite Web Institute Frequently Asked Questions.

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