The Development of ANSI/NISO Z39.50:
A Case Study in Standards Evolution

A Dissertation


William E. Moen
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University

August 1998

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The following provides a condensed version of the dissertation's Table of Contents with links to each section.

Title Page
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Study
Chapter 2 Context for the Study:  Using the Literature to Develop a Preliminary Conceptual Model
Chapter 3 Study Design and Methodology
Chapter 4 The Development of Z39.50
Chapter 5 Study Findings
Chapter 6 Conclusions and Implications


Appendix A List of Interviews Conducted
Appendix B Samples of Guided Interview Protocol
Appendix C Guided Interviews Data
Appendix D Sample of Analysis in Developing Historical Reconstruction
Appendix E Samples of Coded Guided Interview Data
Appendix F Samples of Researcher Memos
Appendix G Draft Codebook Based on Early Coding Experience
Appendix H Library of Congress Network Advisory Committee-Membership
Appendix I NCLIS/NBS Task Force on Computer Network Protocol-Membership
Appendix J Network Technical Architecture Group-Membership
Appendix K Z390 Task Force-Membership
Appendix L SC D Membership, 1979-1988
Appendix M Z39.50 Implementors Group Organizational Meeting Participants