Members of the CIMI Z39.50 Working Group (1995-1998)


The CIMI Z39.50 Working Group evolved during the development of the CIMI Profile. The list below identifies all people who participated at two or more meetings of the Z39.50 Working Group from its initial meeting in September 1995 through the completion of the CIMI Z39.50 Interoperability Testbed in January 1998. Some members were involved in various stages of the profiling work and others were participants throughout the entire period. This list is based upon attendance records at the meetings.

Names identified in bold were participants in the CIMI Z39.50 Interoperability Testbed. Others served in varying capacities in the development of the draft CIMI Profile (June 1996) and subsequent profiling effort leading to the CIMI Profile, Release 1.0 (March 1998) and Release 1.0H (November 1998)

Participant       Affiliation       Country
Giuliano Barsanti       Finsiel S.p.A       Italy
Linda Bird       Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC)       Australia
George Bowman       Smithsonian       US
Rob Bull       Crossnet Systems       UK
Joseph Busch       Getty Art History Information Project       US
Martin Bush       Crossnet Systems, Ltd.       UK
Yushin Chang       Center of Excellence for Research in Computer Systems, Taiwan National University       Taiwan
Eliot Christian       United States Geological Survey       US
Rob Dallas       Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)       Canada
Bert Degenhart-Drenth       Databasix Information Systems       Netherlands
Ray Denenberg       Z39.50 Maintenance Agency, Library of Congress       US
Steve Dietz       National Museum of American Art       US
John Eyre       DeMonfort University -- ELISE Project       UK
Sonya Finnigan       Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC)       Australia
Kody Janney       KJ Consulting, Project CHIO User Requirements Working Group Manager       US
Walter Koch       Joanneum Research Center       Austria
Luca Lelli       Finsiel, S.p.A.       Italy
Ralph LeVan       OCLC       US
Clifford Lynch       Division of Library Automation, University of California       US
Makx Dekkers       Coopers & Lybrand       Luxembourg
Larry Mills-Gahl       Willoughby Intermuse       US
William E. Moen       CIMI Z39.50 Project Manager, School of Library and Information Sciences, University of North Texas       US
Mark Needleman       Division of Library Automation, University of California       US
Karen Niemanis       Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)       Canada
John Perkins       CIMI       Canada
Thomas Place       Tilburg University -- ELISE Project       Netherlands
Margaret St. Pierre       Blue Angel Technologies       US
Michael Selway       System Simulation, Ltd       UK
Joe Shubitowski       Getty Art History Information Project       US
Susan Stone       Museum Informatics Project, University of California, Berkeley       US
Lennie Stovel       Research Libraries Group       US
Jeff Tanara       Blue Angel Technologies       US
Mike Taylor       System Simulation, Ltd.       UK
Heribert Vallant       Joanneum Research Center       Austria
Ronald van der Meer       Databasix Information Systems       Netherlands
Yannis Velegrakis       Information Systems and Software Technology Group of the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology       Greece
Johann Zeeman       CGI, Ltd.       Canada

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