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The following presents as selected list of publications. For a complete listing, see Dr. Moen's CV.


The Development of ANSI/NISO Z39.50: A Case Study in Standards Evolution (1998). 

Publications - Online

The Semantics of Semantic Interoperability: A Two-Dimensional Approach for Investigating Issues of Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries. (Forthcoming, October 2007). Eunkyung Chung and William E. Moen. In Proceedings of the 70th ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Joining Research and Practice: Social Computing and Information Science.Preprint available..

The Potential for Web Services to Enhance Information Access to Legacy Data: An Exploratory Study and Application. (November 2006). Fatih Oguz and William E. Moen. In Proceedings of the
69th ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Information Realities:Shaping the Digital Future for All.
Available in online proceedings. Preprint available.

Examining MARC Records as Artifacts That Reflect Metadata Utilization Decisions. (August 2006).  First Monday, volume 11, number 8.

Learning from Artifacts: Metadata Utilization Analysis. (June 2006). William E. Moen, Shawne D. Miksa, Amy Eklund, Serhiy Polyakov, Gregory Snyder. In Proceedings of 6thACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Chapel Hill, NC, June 2006 (ages: 270 - 271). New York: The Association for Computing Machinery. Paper available from ACM Digital Library.

An Extensible Approach to Interoperability Testing: The Use of Special Diagnostic Records in the Context of Z39.50 and Online Library Catalogs (Draft Pre-print, June 2005). William E. Moen, Sebastian Hammer, Mike Taylor, Jason Thomale, and JungWon Yoon. This paper was accepted for presentation at the 2005 ASIST Annual Meeting.

The Deep Web: Resource Discovery in the Library of Texas (Draft Pre-print, February 2004). Kathleen R. Murray and William E. Moen. This article has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of the Texas Library Journal

Optimizing Resource Discovery Service Interfaces in Statewide Virtual Libraries: The Library of Texas Challenge (September 2003). William E. Moen, Kathleen R. Murray, and Irene Lopatovska. This paper has been accepted for presentation at the Libraries Without Walls 5: The Distributed Delivery of Library and Information Services, Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece, September 19-23, 2003. Because of arrangements with the publisher of the conference proceedings, no draft pre-print is available).

Assessing Metadata Utilization: An Analysis of MARC Content Designation Use (September 2003). William E. Moen and Penelope Benardino. Paper presented at the 2003 Dublin Core Conference, Seattle, WA, September 28-October 2, 2003 .

A Service-Based Approach for Virtual Libraries and Designing and Demonstrating a Resource Discovery Service for the Library of Texas (Fall 2002). William E. Moen and Kathleen R. Murray. Special reprint of two articles published in the Texas Library Journal. 

Improving Z39.50 Interoperability: Z39.50 Profiles and Testbeds for Library Applications
(August 2001). Paper presented at the 67th International Federation of Library Associations Council and General Conference, Universal Dataflow and Telecommunications Workshop.  Boston, MA, August 23, 2001.   

Mapping the Interoperability Landscape for Networked Information Retrieval (Draft Preprint, April 2001)
This paper was accepted for presentation at The First ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in June 2001.  
Final published version citation:
Moen, W.E. (2001). Mapping the interoperability landscape for networked information retrieval.  In Proceedings of First ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Roanoke, VA, June 24-28, 2001 (pp. 50-52).  New York: The Association for Computing Machinery. Paper available from the ACM Digital Library.

Government Information Quarterly Special Issue: Metadata: A Networked Information Strategy to Improve Access to and Management of Government Information  (Summer  2001)Moen is editor of a special issue of Government Information Quarterly focusing on the use of metadata as a strategy to improve access to and management of electronic government information.  Contributions by writers address federal and state metadata activities and issues.  Abstracts and outlines of the articles are available.

Assessing Interoperability in the Networked Environment: Standards, Evaluation, and Testbeds in the Context of Z39.50 (Draft Preprint, September  2000)A draft chapter for the forthcoming book edited by Charles R. McClure and John Carlo Bertot, Evaluating Networked Information Services: Techniques, Policy, and Issues. Preliminary publication date June 2001.

Resource Discovery Using Z39.50: Promise and Reality (November 2000)An invited paper for the Library of Congress' Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the new Millennium: Confronting the Challenges of Networked Resources and the Web, to be held November 2000. 

The ANSI/NISO Z39.50 protocol for information retrieval addresses the complex challenges of intersystem communication. Original uses envisioned for the protocol look very little like current implementations and uses. In the 1980s, users on one library catalog system would search and retrieve bibliographic records on a remote system. By the late 1990s, there was a need for discovery networked resources and integrating access to them. Yet, the Z39.50 protocol has been addressed both these scenarios. This paper provides a portrayal of Z39.50 that explains its flexibility in response to a variety of information retrieval requirements in the networked environment.

A Study of State Library Agencies' Information Technology Standards Policies and Practices: Final Report (August 2000)The complete final report from a study sponsored by the National Information Standards Organization.

Accessing Distributed Cultural Heritage Information. Communications of the ACM, 41(4) April 1998: 45-48.Paper available from the ACM Digital Library.

The Role of Content Analysis in Evaluating Metadata for the U.S. Government Information Locator Service (GILS): Results from an Exploratory Study (HTML file)

CIMI's Z39.50 Interoperability Testbed: Search and Retrieval of Distributed Cultural Heritage Information (1998)

An Evaluation of the Federal Government's Implementation of the Government Information Locator Service (GILS): Final Report (1997)

The ANSI/NISO Z39.50 Protocol: Information Retrieval in the Information Infrastructure (1995)




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