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UNT Graduate Academic Certificate in
Applied Behavior Analysis

This online program offered via the Internet consists of 15 semester credit hours (SCH) of graduate-level work in Applied Behavior Analysis. The Graduate Academic Certificate indicates that the recipient has met the academic requirements of the university's Graduate Academic Certificate Program, including a grade of B or higher in each course taken.


Please be aware of the following distinctions:

  • A Graduate Academic Certificate is not a degree in behavior analysis.
  • The Graduate Academic Certificate is not the same as professional certification by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). It is evidence that an individual has met the academic portion of the BACB's requirements for attaining professional certification as behavior analyst or associate behavior analyst.
  • The BACB is not affiliated with UNT or any other university or organization. It is an independent nonprofit agency that offers a national professional certification program.
Admission Requirements for UNT Graduate Academic Certificate Program
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in any field
  • ALL transcripts showing applicant's GPA meets UNT Graduate School requirements.
  • Completed application for admission submitted to the UNT Graduate School, specifying enrollment in UNT's Graduate Academic Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Program (GACT-ABA)
  • COPY of the first 3 pages of your completed application for admission mailed or faxed  (940-369-7880) to the Department of Behavior Analysis, Graduate Academic Certificate Program.
See UNT Graduate Academic Certificates for more GENERAL information.

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