Many federal agencies also publish the text of their own regulations, policies, rules, publications, periodicals, reports, and administrative decisions separately on their individual Internet pages. It is preferable to get a copy of regulations published by the agency itself. It is easier to deal with an agency if you can refer to the copy of the regulations they use. There are a number of sites on the Internet

Federal Web Locator at the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy http://www.law.vill.edu/Fed-Agency/fedwebloc.html

A project of the Villanova University Center for Information Law and Policy, it has been designed to serve as a "Grand Central Station" for federal government Web and gopher sites. This is the most comprehensive Internet index to United States Federal Government Web Sites. It is intended to be the one stop shopping point for federal government information on the World Wide Web. This list is maintained to bring the cyber-citizen to the federal government's doorstep. The list "Latest Addtions to the Federal Web Locator" notifies users of new government information sites. This site is organized as a subject tree directory to the departments and agencies of the Federal government. The structure of the site is divided into seven categories: the three federal government branches -Federal Legislative Branch, Federal Judicial Branch, and Federal Executive Branch; Federal Independent Establishments and Government Corporations; Federal Government Consortium and Quasi-official Agencies; Selected Multilateral Organizations and International Sites; and Non-governmental Federally Related Sites. The site is organized to match the structure found in the U. S. Government Manual. The Locator can be searched by two methods - using a boolean keyword expression or a Perl regular expression.


U. S. Federal Government Agencies LSU Libraries World-Wide Web Virtual Library http://www.lib.lsu.edu/gov/fedgov.html

This site provides a list of federal agencies on the Internet organized according to the branch of government. The executive branch agencies are divided according to executive; independent; boards, commissions, and committees; and quasi-official agencies.


White House Citizens' Guide - Executive Branch Executive Office of the President - Welcome To The White House http://www.whitehouse.gov/
The President’s Cabinet
http://www.whitehouse.gov/WH/Cabinet/html/cabinet_links.html Independent Federal Agencies and Commissions http://www.whitehouse.gov/WH/Independent_Agencies/html/independent_links.html Information on Travel and Tourism http://www.whitehouse.gov/WH/pointers/html/travel.html

The White House Citizen’s Guide provides a number of ways to use this service to look for government information. Federal government departments, independent agencies, or commissions can be identified by selecting a government agency from graphics representing each one on the "The President’s Cabinet" page and the "Independent Federal Agencies and Commissions" page. The hypertext linked graphic buttons depict the seal of each department, agency and commission. The site also maintains the "Map of Washington D.C. Government Buildings" page which provides a hypertext map of Washington, D.C. divided into six sections. A list of the government buildings located in each section is also linked to the web sites for each agency or department. -



GovBot Index to Government Web Sites (White House/University of Massaschusetts) http://www.info.gov
Federal Directory http://www.info.gov/Info/html/fed_directory.shtml
Federal Yellow Pages http://www.info.gov/Info/html/fed_yellow_pgs.htm

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst developed the GovBot database for the federal government, and it is located at multiple sites including the White House. GovBot offers one-stop keyword searching for federal web sites, specifically sites have gov and mil domains. The search engine examines keywords in the title and URL. The retrieved search provides annotations and hypertext links to government information sites. The GovBot has gathered 185,002 web pages from U.S. Government and Military sites around the country. The INQUERY search engine developed by the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval is used to search GovBot as well as Thomas. GovBot will be temporarily housed at the University of Massachusetts, and will be permanently moved to Washington for maintenance and expansion.

DocLaw WWW Washburn University School of Law

A component of WashLaw, DocLaw is a gateway to Federal Government internet resources and other government related material. The gateway is organized by subject and by hypertext linked agency organizational charts. Direct links to primary law sources are identified for administrative law, federal and state case law, statutory law, and to GPO Access databases. Links are also provided to government research guides, other judicial branch sources, administrative decisions, and quick reference sources.


Gateway - Federal Hotlist http://www.fcw.com/ref/fedgov.htm

This directory lists the agencies and departments of the government, and provides links to their servers.


Federal Government Web Servers Research Resources - Government Information University of Southern California Government Documents Department http://www.usc.edu/Library/GovDocs/federal.html

The Federal Government Web Servers page provides a list containing links to federal government Web pages. It is organized simply by the name of the agency. The federal sites page lists government sites in alphabetical order by the name of the department or agency. Users can browse the list or use an alphabetical jump matrix. The web site is maintained by the Government Documents Department at the University of Southern California which is a depository for federal, California state, and Canadian documents.


Official Federal Government Web Sites http://www.lib.duke.edu/pdmt/federal/official/index.htm   Duke University Public Documents and Maps Department of Perkins Library http://www.lib.duke.edu/pdmt/
Executive Branch http://www.lib.duke.edu/pdmt/federal/branches/index.htm#Executive
Federal Information http://www.lib.duke.edu/pdmt/federal/index.htm
Federal Information By Subject http://www.lib.duke.edu/pdmt/federal/subject/index.htm

The site provides three hypertext lists of executive agencies, departments, independent establishments and government corporations, and quasi-official agencies with sites on the Internet and accessible via the WWW organized by agency, title, and subject. The "Federal Information - By Title" list provides an alphabetical list of the official government and government supported web sites. The "Federal Information - By Subject" page provides topical access to official government sites according to the functions of the departments, agencies, bureaus, etc. Cross- references are given to refer users to other headings containing additional useful information. The "Federal Information - By Agency" list is alphabetically organized according to the structure of the Federal Government as outlined in the U.S. Government Manual. Access is provided to all the major bodies in the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches on one page.


Government Information Xchange - Federal Directory - Executive Branch http://www.info.gov/Info/html/executive.htm

This page from the Government Information Xchange Federal Directory provides direct links to the White House offices, the departments of the President’s cabinet, independent agencies and commissions, and other government offices.


Official Federal Government Web Sites - Executive Branch Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov/global/executive/fed.html

A Library of Congress Internet Resource Page, this site provides a hypertext alphabetical list of the executive branch departments, agencies, and commissions is maintained by the Library of Congress. The list of executive departments also identifies and provides links to the specific offices of each department.


Rainfo - US Regulatory Information Page The Regulatory Affairs Information Home Page http://www.medmarket.com/tenants/rainfo/us.htm

Called, "Your Internet Resource for "things regulatory," Rainfo provides links to all federal government departments and agency regulatory sites. Through a hypertext matrix, users can link to the government sites. The RAinfo site can be searched for a specific word, phrase, or agency with the MEDMarket Search function which searches all pages in the MEDMarket complex.


Alphabetical List of Agencies - Federal Regulatory Information :Full-Text, Agency and Background Resources Available Via the Internet http://www.lib.lfc.edu/federalregs/alphlist.html



Department of Agriculture (USDA) http://www.usda.gov
USDA's Departmental Administration http://www.usda.gov/da
U. S. Department of Agriculture Agencies http://www.usda.gov/agencies/agencies.htm
U.S.D.A. Government Information Locator Service http://www.usda.gov/gils/usdagils.htm
Agricultural Information Locator Service (AILS) http://www.usda.gov/ails/ails.htm
Department of Commerce (DOC)  http://www.doc.gov
Commerce Department Web Sites http://www.doc.gov/bureaus/bureaus.htm
Commerce Information Locator Service http://www.fedworld.gov/
Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) http://www.dtic.mil/dtiwl/ 
Department of Defense Agencies http://www.defenselink.mil/pubs/almanac/def_agencies.html
DefenseLINK http://www.defenselink.mil/  
DefenseLINK Government Information Locator Service http://www.defenselink.mil/locator/index.html
National Library of Education http://www.ed.gov/NLE
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) http://www.doe.gov
Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) OpenNet http://www.doe.gov/opennet/
OSTI Government Information Locator Service http://www.doe.gov/osti/gils/gilsintr.html
Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) http://www.os.dhhs.gov/
HHS Agencies (Text) http://www.hhs.gov/progorg/
HHS Agencies Organizational Chart (Image Map) http://www.hhs.gov/about/orgchart.html
HHS Government Information Locator Service http://www.hhs.gov/progorg/oirm/newhhsgils.htm
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) http://www.hud.gov
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Homes and Communities Page
HUD Government Information Locator Service http://www.hud.gov/gils/index.html
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR (DoI) http://www.doi.gov/index.html
DOI Government Information Locator Service
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE(DOJ) http://www.usdoj.gov
Department of Justice Department Organizations http://www.usdoj.gov/dojorg.htm
Department of Justice Organizations (Alphabetic Index) http://www.usdoj.gov/02organizations/02_1.html
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR (DoL) http://www.dol.gov
Department Agencies http://www.dol.gov/dol/public/agencies/agency.htm
U.S. DOL Government Information Locator Service http://www.dol.gov/dol/public/dolgils/main.htm
DEPARTMENT OF STATE (DOS) http://www.state.gov
Department of State Foreign Affairs Network (DOSFAN) http://dosfan.lib.uic.edu/index.html   gopher://dosfan.lib.uic.edu
DOS Government Information Locator Service Records http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/gils/gils.html
U. S. DOT Operating Administrations http://www.dot.gov
DOT Government Information Locator Service Records http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/gils/gils.html
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY http://www.ustreas.gov
The Treasury Electronic Library http://www.fedworld.gov/pub/tel/tel.htm
Department of Veteran Affairs http://www.va.gov

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