Who is the Storyteller?
Quiz Answers!


1. Who might make you want to achieve more than you ever thought possible?

Answer:  Djuina Lemons Hammett

 2. Who would you go to if you need to know where to find your boldness?

Answer:  Christina Lister

 3. Who might win for the best jam and jig and for making you laugh so hard?

Answer:  Amanda Lucas

 4. Who makes you want to save your pennies? 

Answer:  Melody McCotter

5. Who shows you what radicalism can be?

Answer:  Sara Oyarce

 6. Who has heard a lot of whistling on the streets?

Answer:  Anna Francesca Garcia

7. Who has a published author as a grandmother?

Answer:  Valerie Shelley

8. Who uses the quote, "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough"?

Answer:  Pamela Reed

9. Who uses a quote when the following phase, "the human spirit is to grow strong by conflict"?

Answer:  Adrea Ricke

10. Who told a story of a girl who ate a letter and then repeated the important information word for word to General Sumter?

Answer:  Jennifer Steib Simmons

11. Who tells a Hawaiian myth in this storytelling concert?

Answer:  Joni Andersen

12. Who tells a story of "let's make a deal"? 

Answer:  Beth Heggeness

13. This tale is a 19th century British story.  Who's the teller? 

Answer:  Alicia Driver

14. Who is the teller of Calamity Jane's strange race? 

Answer:  Kimberly Darata

15. Who put a new twist in the "Little Red Cap"? 

Answer:  Jennifer Bobo Kiatta

16. Who can tell you about Marian hymns? 

 Answer:  Trina Smith

17. Who should you ask about Naomi and Ruth's relationship?

Answer:  Debra Todd

18.  Who can tell you about subtle strength demonstrated during a tough life transition? 

Answer:  Lourdes Stranahan

19. Who pokes fun at women going through menopause? 

Answer:  Kayebeth Zuloaga

We hope you enjoyed this challenge!